Paintball Pricing

We offer a variety of group options as well as open walk on play every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Come with a group or all by yourself, and we will get you out there playing!


All day paintball Admission:  $14.95 includes  unlimited air (paintball gun rental not included).

Paintball Prices:

Brew City Paintball is a field paint only field, meaning you may only use paintballs purchased from us at our field. We only offer high grade Empire paintballs designed specifically for our field. The paint we use is always fresh and will provide for an outstanding experience.


Paint prices

300 $14.95
500 $24.95
1000 $46.95
2000 $78.95 (FULL CASE BEST DEAL)


Paintball Gun Rental Options

(Includes protective anti-fog mask, hopper, and Ninja Air compressed air tank)

We truly offer the best variety and quality of gun rentals anywhere in the Midwest . If you have ever had a bad rental experience at other paintball fields, we feel your pain. Check out our "fleet" of markers. Nobody does it like Brew City. With four diferent options in rental markers, you will never feel outgunned even if you are a brand new player!

Rental 1 - US Army Alpha Black M16 Semi-Automatic $15.00
Rental 2 - Tippmann A5 with Response Trigger with RAPID FIRE TRIGGER ASSIST and Cyclone Loader $25.00
Rental 3 - Tippmann Phenom with EGRIP with Mil Sim Stock, Sight, Clip, Clone Loader and FULL AUTO FIRING MODES $35.00
Rental 4 - Planet Eclipse Etek3 TOURNAMENT LEVEL Electronic Gun and Loader $45.00



We want everyone who comes in to have a good time no matter what your experience level is. We rotate beginner and advanced games to let new players learn the game. Our friendly and skilled instructors supervise every game to make sure everyone plays safely and follows the rules. Our playing field is all turf and features the best obstacles (bunkers) in the industry. Our massive main field (110 ft.x 155 ft.) features PSP layout.  We are also excited to announce the opening of our second indoor field featuring the Mil-Sim layout.  The fields are both open for all open play!!!

What to Wear: We recommend sweatpants, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, and a thin pair of gloves. It will only hurt to get shot on exposed areas of the skin. If your sweatshirt doesn't have a hood, a baseball cap is a good replacement. If you have plastic cleats of an kind those are ideal on our all astroturf playing field.

Are There Waivers: Yes, we do require any and all participants to sign a waiver. Anyone under 18 must have a legal adult sign their waiver for them. All of our waivers are good for a year. We do not put our waivers online because we need to see the adult sign in person. Note: Individual parents do NOT need to sign for their own child; any one over 18 in their group may sign for a minor. Please call us if you have any questions about this.

Is the Paint
Washable: Yes, the paint we use is a cornstarch and water base. Everything washes out without the use of stain remover. For the car ride home, it might be beneficial to bring a change of clothes or you can use a paper towel with water to rub it off for a quick clean up.

What is the Age Requirement: We recommend ages 10 and up. We have had players as young as 8 years old and are allowed to play with parent consent.

Does it Hurt: In all cases, the fear of getting shot is worse than actually getting shot. The most overlooked areas are the hands and the top of the head. We recommend gloves and a hooded sweatshirt/baseball cap to cover those up. We use a very high grade of paint, that is always fresh to minimize the impact on players.

Can You Wear Cleats:
Yes, we do allow cleats. However, no metal cleats are allowed. Our bunkers are vinyl and they will pop if a metal cleat slides into it.

Can You Bring Your Own Paint: No, we do not allow outside paint. The paint we use does not have oil in it and the paint we use is fresh. Some of the paint sold in stores is old and/or cheap which could crack other players goggles or injure them.

Can We Bring Food/Drink: We sell a variety of drinks and snacks so we do not allow carry-ins. However, for birthday parties, we do allow you to bring a cake.

Are There Places to Sit: Yes, our facility is 44,000 square feet with lots of room dedicated to spectators. We have picnic tables for players to set their stuff down or for family and friends to stay and watch. We also have 5 flat screen TVs with the NFL ticket so you won't miss the Packers.

Why Aren't We Open More Days of the Week: Keeping our field and other areas clean take a lot of work and a very long time. Our main priority is to keep our field nice and playable. We take our feedback very seriously and we know problems with other fields is that they are dirty and unkempt. We are always avaiable for private groups of 10 or more players for only $50 per person, contact us for reservations.

Do You Have Any Other Activities Besides Paintball: Yes, we have private bazooka ball and a bounce house area for younger kids. More pictures and information are available under the "Indoor Paintball and Entertainment" tab. Contact us to make your reservation. Great for Brthday parties, bachelor and bachelorrette parties, corporate outings, and team building events! 

                                            If you have any other questions, please feel free to call! We are always here to help!

Brew City is Moving... more details to follow.

Current Location Closed!

Please Call 262-754-8844 with any questions.


Bazooka Ball Party Pricing

Bazooka Ball is a new and exciting alternative to paintball! Using soft foam balls shot from a real paintball gun, this is a low impact activity that's fun for all! *Ages 8 and older* 

Zero pain or mess but every bit as exciting as paintball. Great for team building, birthday parties, and corporate outings. Our Bazooka ball parties are ALWAYS PRIVATE and your group gets exclusive use of the entire course!!!  


$199 for 1 hour of play time for  6 players -INCLUDES ALL GEAR AND UNLIMITED AMMO!

$249 for 1 hour of play time for 8 players- INCLUDES ALL GEAR AND UNLIMITED AMMO!

add 1 hour of party area use for just $79!


                                                               Bazooka Ball Game at Brew City Paintball!

group post

For Group Parties during our open play time:
It is a $38.95 per player charge that is all-inclusive with everything you need to play!

- All day admission to Brew City Paintball
- Unlimited air for each player
- A fully-automatic gun rental (Tippman A5 or Pheonm X7)
- 500 rounds of ammo per player
- Protective Vest & Protective Mask
- 5 person minimum

We also offer private parties with a minimum of 8 people at a cost of $50 per player.  For private, we are flexible in scheduling and only your party will be on the field at a time.

Also, here are some helpful tips regarding playing paintball at our facility:
* We are in an indoor facility and have two fields available.  The first is 16,500 square feet and has the PSP layout.  The second features a Mil-Sim layout with castles and military style bunkers.
*  We use a special paintball that is filled with a a cornstarch and water base paint blend so it is easy on our field and on our players clothes as it is 100% washable.
* We recommend wearing layers and tread safe shoes as the field can get slippery.
* We do allow parties to bring in a cake or cupcakes for their party.  However, we do not allow other outside food and drinks to be brought in.  We have a fully stocked concession stand and
work with Toppers Pizza for your outing.

If you are interested in a group outing or have any other questions, please feel free to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 262-754-8844.